About us

Smart solutions for radiology

We are a one-stop shop vendor of innovative products and services, covering all RIS, PACS, VNA, AI, transcription and teleradiology software needs of radiology and diagnostic imaging.

Our products are scalable, reliable and resilient.

They are open for integration, cost-effective and easy to use, expand and maintain.

We offer flexible licensing models and are at the forefront to provide advanced software solutions for radiology and diagnostic imaging as a service in the cloud, either private or public. Our range of products is also among the first that are seamlessly integrated with state of the art AI that helps radiologists by automating mundane tasks, providing valuable second opinion and minimizing the number of missed findings.

We are 70+ strong and growing.

Among us are top-class software engineers, data scientists and AI experts as well as radiologists, technologists and medical physicists. We are experts in cloud computing and healthcare systems delivery and integration.