Artificial intelligence in radiology

Increased productivity, richer findings, more accurate impressions, fewer missed lesions - right at your fingerprints.

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Our state-of-the-art AI is seamlessly integrated with our products.

AI findings are presented either in the form of a preliminary study report that can be reviewed by radiologist and corrected when necessary, or as a worklist prioritization hint that helps radiologist better manage the backlog of studies to report on.

Chest DX

  • Detection of 75 findings
  • Support for both PA and AP projections

Brain MRI

  • White matter lesions for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Longitudinal white matter lesions

CT Radiation Dose Index Management

  • AAPM-compliant SSDE calculation (Size-specific Dose Estimate)
  • No need to provide patient weight and height
  • Support for tilted-gantry acquisition

Discrepancy Detection

  • Automated detection of common discrepancies between images and report text caused by the broad use of report templates
  • Based on natural language processing

Lung CT

  • Pulmonary nodule detection and assessment
  • Automated Lung-RADS preliminary report
  • Lung screening template reports

Cardiac MRI

  • 4D Flow
  • LV and RV segmentation of 2D SSFP and 3D Cine
  • Semi-quantitative perfusion
  • Quantitative delayed enhancement
  • 2D phase contrast

Worklist Prioritization

  • Preliminary AI findings turned into reporting worklist priorities
  • Increased radiologist productivity
  • Lower turnaround time for reports containing clinically significant findings

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