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Report Delivery

Proper delivery of radiology reports comes with its own challenges.

Legally compliant report sign-off, electronic signatures, confirmation of report reception, audit trail as well as CD/DVD disk burning and online access to reports and images for patients and referring GPs - consider it done.

Disk Burning
  • Easy CD/DVD burning on local computers
  • Support for disc duplicators from major vendors
  • Printing CD/DVD label with patient and study information
  • Universal DICOM viewer for Windows and Mac included on CD/DVD
Report Sign-off
  • Smart card and digital signature support
  • Sign-off workflows for single and double reading as well as supervision of radiology residents
  • SMS notifications on study report delivery for patients and referring physicians
  • Sending confirmation of report reception by patient back to the department that produced the report
Patient Portal
  • Self-service online access for patients to their study reports
  • Built-in zero-footprint reference DICOM viewer
  • Mobile-friendly with full WCAG 2.1 support for perfect accessibility
  • Easy patient authorization based on SMS codes
  • Configurable patient data retention for regulatory compliance
Physician Portal
  • Easy access to reports from referred studies
  • Built-in zero-footprint reference DICOM viewer
  • HL7 and IHE XDS support
  • Report Delivery to HIS

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