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Study Reporting

Designed with radiologist needs in mind, Radpoint Study Reporting is all about productivity.

Smart automation, report templates, text snippets as well as support for DICOM Structured Reports and adding additional information to the report, including DICOM tags, key images, patient clinical history and preliminary AI findings - all of that is ready to help you in your daily reporting routine.

Worklist management
  • Support for automated creation of study report orders on reception of DICOM data for easy interdepartmental integration and teleradiology use cases based solely on DICOM
  • Customizable radiologist worklists
  • Study visibility rules for streamlined reporting process
  • Automated and manual study assignments to reporting radiologists
  • Worklist prioritization based on preliminary AI reports
  • Proven workflow for daily study reporting
  • Workflow action availability dependent on user roles and permissions
  • Dedicated workflows for radiology residents, second opinion, teleradiology, transcription and quality control
  • SMS notifications on urgent report orders
  • Notes system for improved internal communication
Transcription services integration
Reading room
  • Super convenient rich text editor
  • Quick access to patient information including prior studies, demographics and contact details
  • Text snippets for common phrases
  • Report templates
  • Embedding DICOM tags and key images in the report
  • DICOM Structured Report support
  • Built-in spellchecker
  • One-click integration with popular DICOM viewers and workstations: OsiriX, Merge eFilm, AW Server, RadiAnt
  • Built-in reference and diagnostic zero-footprint web DICOM viewers: Radpoint Viewer, DICOMPASS, Weasis, Osimis
Teleradiology reporting

Increased productivity, richer findings, more accurate impressions, fewer missed lesions - right at your fingerprints

  • Chest DX
  • Lung CT
  • Brain MRI
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Prostate MRI
  • Radiation Dose Index Management
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